🏡🏡 New in Town: Want to share a template in the MURAL Community?

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Fantastic! Excited to see what you have been building, and I know the MURAL Community forum is eagerly waiting to get some inspiration too. 

Embedding a template takes two steps. 


  1. Enter the template you’d like share publicly
  2. Click Share in the top right corner
  3. On View link, click Create link
  4. Click the Embed tab
  5. You'll then need to Enable Embedding and click Done
  6. Once enabled, copy the embed link
  7. You are now ready to share your template publicly with your peers in the forum!

In the MURAL Community forum

  1. Go to the forum and click New Post
  2. Select New Discussion
  3. Give your discussion topic a clear title
  4. Type a little bit about how you use the template
  5. At the bottom of the text block, click the embed icon
  6. Paste the copied embed link and click Insert
  7. Make any final adjustments to your post and then click Post Discussion

Can't see the video walking through the steps posted above? Here is a link to it on Youtube.

Happy collaborating! Can't wait to see your work.