💡 Feature Idea: Ability to track "visitor" links

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I work in a highly regulated industry (finance). Our Risk and Privacy teams are concerned about the flexibility of the "visitor" link. Although it's a GREAT way to collaborate, it's giving them fears that artboards can be shared to people outside the company and could get into the wrong hands. Feature ideas to consider:

1) ability for admin to pull a report of who is sending the visitor link and which emails are they sharing them to.

2) creating an optional component to make visitor links available to only company domain address (controlled by admin)

I'm thinking other companies that have similar regulatory structures would like this feature.

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    Thanks for posting this idea @sroskosch! There are quite a few ideas in this same area.

    Number 2, in particular, has an idea open already, so if you have a moment please go vote and comment. It helps our Product team a ton.

    Thanks again!