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THAT'S A WRAP! @valerioalba IS THE WINNER! (see here!)


The MURAL Community Template contest is an opportunity to get creative, help others, AND win big! 🎉 The grand prize is a remote working setup including a microphone, light, espresso machine and more for your home office(a $600 value!).

Got creative ideas? We know you do! Got a need for MURAL templates in your life? OH, we know you do... We are going to be using up most of the month of November to collect, showcase, and vote on the BEST and most creative version of this template. Click below!

Remix and rebuild it! The template we want you to customize is our beloved ✨I like, I wish, I wonder ✨ retro template! You have full reign and control of what this template evolves into. You have until November 11, 2021 to submit your template via this form, and then we'll leave it up to a community vote to determine our grand prize winner.

Submit your entry ➡️ vote ➡️ win!

Template Submission Form - Click here!

How to enter

  1. Customize the provided template - click "create mural from template" on the top right
  2. Submit it for review to the MURAL Community Team via the form

How to win

  • The MURAL Community Team will review all submissions on November 11
  • On November 12, the "top" 3-5 submitted remix-ed templates will be chosen as the finalists
  • These will be published in the community, and everyone will get a full week to vote on their favorite remix version 📼.
  • The template with the most community votes wins the grand prize: a remote working setup, time with a MURAL Expert on Demand to finalize and beautify their template, and the winning revamped template will live in the template library at MURAL forever.
  • The winner will be announced on November 22! 🎉

Link to official rules


Q. What features make a template "top"? Worthy of being chosen for the final vote?

A. Entries will be rated by the community team based on clarity, creativity, and overall design function.

Q. Can I submit more than one template? Ive got a lot of great ideas.

A. For this contest, only one entry per person will be considered.

Q. How long will the community have to vote for their favorites?

A. From November 12 - 21 (7 days). We will announce the winner on November 22!

Q. I want to participate and remix this template, where do I start? Got any tips?

A. Yes! Check out this post for some tips on reimagining MURAL's templates!

Special prizes

A special prize will be given out to the best retro template submitted for teaching and/or learning! If you are part of our 🎓🍎 Teachers Lounge, and customize the provided template for an educational setting, the MURAL Student Ambassadors will be voting on the best template submitted by a student or educator to highlight at the end of this contest. #learningiscool

We are eagerly awaiting your custom templates! Submit now!



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