How to resize a swimlane in one direction in a flowchart

I am using the flowchart template in Mural and have a swimlane. In order to add more actions to the box, I need to resize the swimlane vertically (height) but not horizontally (width).

When I click on the swimlane, I get the dots in the four corners but those just allow me to resize the swimline vertically and horizontally at the same time.

Anybody knows how to do that (on a Mac, using Firefox)?

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  • FP_
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    Actually, the problem lies within the grouping that come out of the box with those swimlanes. Once you ungroup the swimlane you can use those boxes to resize the swimlane in just one direction.

    I appreciate the video though and thank you, Amanda, for having gotten back to me.


  • Hey @FP_, Thanks for your patience! If you highlight over the bottom or top edge, you will see a double pointed arrow. This should allow you to resize the boxes vertically without resizing it horizontally! Here is a short video showing the process!

  • Yes! Thanks for posting the question, yes you do have to unlock first. Appreciate the question and thank you for following back up with the answer.