💡Feature Idea: Improve "Move MURAL" Dropdown Menu Format

I was SO excited to see the rollout of Room folders and subfolders - but when I went to organize all of the MURALS within my rooms, it got very messy:

Currently, the "move mural" dropdown menu just lists all existing folders in one scrolling list. When you have many rooms and each room represents a very active client, this can be a LONG list...with sometimes very similar and very confusing names.

I'm proposing we reformat the dropdown to reflect which folders are in which rooms and subfolders - maybe they are indented under each master folder, or by bolding the master folder level with a different format for the subfolder level, etc.

I'm guessing others with many rooms/subfolders would appreciate the same level of organization so that folder names can be kept simple and the admin task of moving murals where you need them is that much less daunting.

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