New MURAL Features Perfect for Educators

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Get the Education Guide to MURAL’s Recently Released Features!

In the guide you can find more information on the following features and how to use them in the classroom:

  • 🎨  Custom Toolbar for simplifying the classroom collaboration experience
  • 🔎  Find feature to quickly gauge student participation
  • 📁 Folders to organize your MURAL workspace
  • 🖥  MS Teams integration to limit platform switching for students

What do you think of these new features? What features should come next? Let us know in the thread. 



  • Christina
    Christina Teacher - Instructor ✭✭✭
    edited October 29

    @Sasha Thanks so much for the heads up on the article.

    I am already loving the Folders📂 feature for organization, and the Find🔎 feature to get a quick sense of how much each student is contributing.

    However, I had not noticed the T now at the end of the connector↗️ options, which is their new Text ✍️labeling feature. Superb idea and one that will come in very handy!