MURAL Meeting Persona Quiz!

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Did y'all hear? 👂 Yesterday MURAL launched a Meeting Persona Quiz! As someone who has stayed up late a few too many times taking personality quizzes that a friend happened to text me, I was so excited to take this one. And I’ll gladly share my results here 👀 

But first, let’s talk about why these kinds of quizzes are appealing. Sure, it’s fun and often silly, but the underlying fascination is likely because we get to learn things about ourselves. 🧠 And in the same vein, the reason why many companies have their employees taking personality quizzes is because when teammates know each other better, they work better together. ⚡ The same is true about the MURAL Meeting Persona Quiz. ✅

The quiz is really fun to take and the results are so handy for so many reasons, including:

  1. You learn more about how you can best contribute to your next meeting. 🗣️
  2. It tells you your key strengths and predicts your favorite MURAL features! 🔑
  3. It suggests hand-picked MURAL templates to use with your team, so you can get maximum flex on your Mindfully Mighty collaboration strengths in your next meeting. 💪
  4. You can share results with coworkers and learn how to speak their work love language. ❤️
  5. If your whole team takes the quiz, it’s a killer ice breaker to discuss results! 🧊

Take our quiz to find out what special sauce you bring to the table, and how to best contribute in your next team meeting. And keep reading to find out my results!

I took the quiz and knew my answers to each question immediately! And my results came back as… drumroll…

Feels very accurate to me! There's more, but in case anyone shares this persona with me, I won't spoil the fun!

Can’t wait to hear about y’alls results! Share them here!