✅ Adopted Feature Idea: Export areas in your mural as separate PDF pages

What I want to be able to do: I want to be able to export all areas in my mural as separate PDF pages (or PNG images) with one click.

Problem I am trying to solve: I love capturing all work related to projects in Mural so relevant information is stored in one place. Because my company requires me to report to my superiors using slide decks every once in a while, I am left with the challenge of transferring information from mural to ordinary slides. I have murals with about 30-50 predefined areas (with a 16:9 ratio size) that I could perfectly export as 'slides'. Instead of clicking every area and let Mural generate an email which I then need to click to export a single area, I would propose to add an extra option under 'export entire mural' like 'Areas as PDF' and 'Areas as PNG'.

Why this helps everyone (or many people): Since Mural is becoming increasingly capable to capture large amounts of work, users will need a more bespoke way to export parts of their mural.

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This feature has been adopted by the Mural Product Team! More information on this feature can be found at updates.mural.co.


  • Added suggestion: To make this feature more user friendly, it would be great to be able to select areas that you want to export from an overview popup. And add a 'select all' button. :)

  • Agreed, lot of my clients are complaining because the huge PDFs exported by Mural (I sent them) are not user friendly at all while reading with PDF reader or browser... this is a real painpoint. Thanks Mural for caring about this ;-)

  • Agreed. What would be most useful for my team--and where we waste a lot of time--is trying to turn areas of our murals into PDFs (or images) that are the right ratio for printing or inserting into PowerPoint presentations.

    For now, I have an image of an A4 paper that I insert into my Murals, and I try to fit what I want to print over that image and make sure it lines up. Then I remove the A4 image and select and print that area, and hope it prints okay.

    It would be great to have pre-proportioned templates/areas for standard printing like A4 papers in Europe (or 8-1/2 x 11inch) papers in North America. And we can either set the template down on the Mural before we work, or superimpose and resize it above.

    Actually, just see how Miro does it--their approach pretty much solves our problem.

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Yep, I wished, areas could be created with a selectable aspect ratio, e.g 16:10, 16:9, Paper (Letter, DIN A4), ...And then there would be a button to export all areas from the Outline to PDF (separate or a single PDF) at once. Would be very helpful. I think, I've created feature requests for those before. Would that help you, too, @J_P ?

  • This feature has been adopted by the MURAL Product Team!

    More information on this feature can be found in our resources section of the MURAL site. If interested in beta testing for this feature, feel free to sign up through our form (and as always, share feedback with us in Community)!

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