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Welcome to the MURAL Community! 🏡 We're so glad you are here! 

Below is a guide (what we consider to be our Code of Conduct) on how to be a good community member so everyone in our community is successful. This is a safe space, and we're counting on you to help keep it that way.  

The MURAL Community participation guide:  

  • Keep your posts relevant to the category - tags are a great way to organize content as well
  • Please be respectful of others and don’t sweat the small stuff. 
  • Please do not post any personal information or photos that you wouldn’t want to be seen by the public; we want you to maintain whatever level of anonymity makes you comfortable.
  • Do not post hateful or illegal content. Do not post copyrighted material without proper attribution.
  • SPAM will not be tolerated... unless it's in musubi form. 😋
  • Ads and promotional posts (for the purpose of selling) will also not be tolerated, and a Community Manager may opt into deleting these types of discussions without notice.
  • Use private messages to chat with moderators or other members in private - we love to hear from you!

In summary: be a good member, enjoy yourself, and help us build a great community. 💫


  • Linds
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    Oh we'll allow it, @AlanSKoch 😆 - and thanks for really reading carefully, we love a silly easter egg !

  • KevinGoh
    KevinGoh Professor Teacher Instructor Member

    Thank you MURL for putting this valuable channel together!

  • LyndaBaker
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  • Amanda
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