💡 Feature idea: Mockup tool kit

manuel ✭✭✭✭

1. What you want to be able to do in MURAL

I would like to use MURAL to create very simple mockups for mobile or desktop app design. Yes, just simple mockups with windows, tabs, buttons, on/off-toggles etc. Currently I would try to find free graphics on the web that can be used or use existing stencils e.g. by SAP to do something like this in MS PowerPoint. There's no need to have "clickable" prototypes or so in this stage of the design process.

I would like to be able to do this in MURAL, but I am quite sure that it would require lots of elements in a "library" to support this request. Therefore it's a nice to have.

2. The problem you are trying to solve

When designing applications for users, it's helpful to roughly create mockups or "look-a-likes" to make the ideas more tangible. Currently I would need to use other tools and who wants that?! ;-)

3. Why this helps everyone (or many people)

I am not quite sure if it might help lots of mural users, but maybe all of you could give feedback here if and what would be helpful to you or nothing at all?

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