Does anyone else have an issue with the Jira integration?

I am currently trying to import issues from Jira, and it only works on an inconsistent basis.

First off, the integration pop up could be a lot better, the issue names cannot be expanded so it is difficult to see what the specific issue number is.

Second there is no option to bulk import, and you have to scroll page my page (7 issues per page).

Lastly, half the time I try to import get this import error. Then there is a bug where the page is stuck here so I have to go an reselect all of the issues again.

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  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Hi @muralist96! Still having this issue? I'm a bit new around here, but as your new Community Manager I can find some assistance for this if you're still having issues. Thanks!

  • Hi - I am experiencing the exact same error :-(

    For the purpose of evaluating the Mural/Jira-integration I have signed up and created a Kanban Mural. I have added the MURAL for Jira Cloud plugin to my Jira Cloud installation. Exporting a sticky note to Jira works fine but importing a Jira task (or Epic) to Mural fails with the message "Something went wrong...". No clue on what went wrong or how to fix it.

  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Hi @muralist96, @Muralist97 @rgalindez!

    I've spoken with our team and we're aware of the issue. The team is researching the cause and will provide an update when we are able to find a source. 😎

  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Hey @Muralist97- checking back in on this one; hoping all is well!

  • Hello - I'm experiencing the 'Something went wrong and we can't complete your search. Please try again.' during the import from Jira. What is the fix?

  • hi, I'm starting to use this tool on a new project and really struggling with it. Sometimes I see the error mentioned here, but I'm also not convinced that all issues of all types are being included in the import. Sometimes I run import a second time being specific about the issue type I import and a few more sticky notes appear that didn't before when I left the filter set to ALL.

    I'd really like to see an audit summary of what the filter found and what was imported based on the query being used.

  • Still having this issue and can't resolve it. I feel like I've tried everything. Sometimes I get the same error as @kdshields sometimes tickets aren't imported when I know there are more (even into a new mural)

    This story visualisation is important enough for my team that we are now looking at Miro and their integration on the absence of anyone at Mural trying to engage on this topic.

  • @IanMcG - ended up creating a ticket for the issue. It was a bug and now it has been resolved for our workspace.

  • IanMcG
    edited August 7

    @kdshields I'm intrigued. A Mural bug or a Jira bug? what got fixed and how did it only affect your workspace? Wondering who I need to connect to to get a similar fix…?

    In the meantime, I'm loving testing the Miro Jira integration, much much richer set of features. Really allowing us much better storyboard visualisation and linking to our work.

  • @IanMcG i believe mural. I contacted MURAL support and it was corrected after connecting with them. My MURAL support liaison was Cara-May Joseph.