Three steps to reimagine any template 🔮

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If you do sessions regularly with your team, changing the templates can be a great way to keep your audience engaged. Follow these steps to give your templates a makeover that will make them (almost) unrecognizable.

  1. Change branding or theme: Add your brand colors or a theme that brighten up your meeting or workshop. Apply a fun theme. How about dinosaurs, space or candy?
  2. Change the instructions: Change instructions adding your own questions or call to actions to change the direction/tone of the session. Dino theme? Set the stage for migrating across Pangea. In space? Fix that space station before you all are doomed to the abyss of the universe.
  3. Add activities from other murals: There is no need to reinvent the wheel each time you plan a workshop. Copy and paste activities and building blocks you like from other templates. When you have multiple murals open in different tabs you can easily copy and paste activities from one mural to another.


Treasure hunt retro

This template is actually a remix of the 5 question retro.

Fall retro

Another version of the popular retro, now with fall theme.

Warmup archive

Tired of your regular warmups? Copy and paste a new one from this archive:

How do you reimagine existing templates and methods? Share your experience in the comments.