Mural for SDLC

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Looking for a mural to help my team map our current SDLC proceses from conception through operations. The purpose is to look for any inefficiencies where new processes or automation can be introduced.

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  • We have a bunch of templates with diagrams that serve as a great starting point for charting an SDLC, but nothing specifically focused on this. @Emilia and I are happy to help co-create one and would love to see what you have in mind. Some good starting points:

    For example, Data Flow Diagram:

    Business process modeling diagram:

  • Thanks Hailey for the links to get started. What's involved with obtaining your help in creating something for Software development?

  • Hi @Stonemaxwell let's go ahead and get this co-created using our process here at MURAL. I can help you get started if you can provide a description of the template you're looking for us to create. Some key points that will be helpful:

    Include an overview of what activities and sections, plus the flow of the activities in the recommended order. for example:

    • sidebar
    • warmup
    • brainstorming area
    • etc
    • Reference of instructions (can be a blog post, an article, a PPT document, or a mural)
    • Reference of how workspace should be structured (wireframe, can be a link to a mural with example, or an image)
    • Link to mural or template if you already have a mural and just want it to be improved
    • Branding or graphics that should be included in the template (logos, etc.)

    What date would you would like to have the template ready? If any?

    Looking forward to collaborating with you!