💡Feature Idea: instructor can play video so everyone in mural can watch together

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(e.g like Zoom share screen)

A key part of my courses (and lots of other professors!) is to play videos and then have the class discuss it. I am able to get the video into Mural to play easier using a YouTube URL - which is great!. BUT….here is the problem. 

  • We use Zoon as the way the students attend class/hear/see each other
  • When the students are in ZOOM - they let it run in the background and we focus on the Mural (which is good) 
  • I can summon them so we can watch the clip (which is good)
  • However they can’t really watch it. It is playing on my screen - but it is NOT physically playing for them in Mural. They can hear the video through my computer speakers - but they can’t “see” the video

Here is how it worked before I used Mural

  • When I would teach with PPT slides- I could just share screen in Zoom. I would embed the video into the PPT and it would simply play and students could see/hear it while it played on my screen

I can do a workaround - but it sucks

  • could do a Zoom share screen - but have found that really really screws up students because one minute we will all be “focused” in Mural as their main screen. And if I play the video with share screen in Zoom - then I have to ask them to “switch” what they are seeing to Zoom. What i have found is this is very confusing and students “lose track” of where they are and it takes forever to get people to be “in Zoom shared screen view” or “in Mural”. I have found if I never “share screen” in Zoom and people are ONLY in Mural then it works really great - no confusion

Does my use situation/problem make sense?  And if so - is there a way that I can play the video on my screen and student can see it (Like it works with Zoom share screen)\

It is rare teachers don't use videos these days in their courses - so this is a universal problem that will anchor educators to stay using PPT and Zoom.



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  • Yep, Embedding video's is a wonderful idea it will open a whole new realm of engagement. Might I just that it's not only video's but also embedding mini games for example?

    I believe that the less we need to send users outside and the more we can actually keep all the activities in Mural that would be a much better user experience for everyone.

    Hope you go ahead with this feature


  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Embedding YouTube videos would be great and options for local videos etc., too. Instead of just having to click a link and open new tabs etc. it would help users to focus and stay in mural all the time :-)