October 28 Web Release: Collaborate visually in your next call with the MURAL App for Webex Meetings

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod
edited November 2021 in Product Releases

New Features

📺 Make Webex meetings more productive, inclusive, and fun

Instead of sharing a screen in a meeting, use the MURAL App for Webex Meetings to actively work together on a shared digital canvas inside of Webex to brainstorm, map out a plan, collaborate on a new strategic direction, or prototype your next big idea with. Learn more. ‍

Bug Fixes

🐛 Objects would move to the top-left corner of the mural when ungrouping or deleting an area.

🦟 When selecting, copying, and pasting objects into an area, all of the objects did not remain selected after they were pasting.

🦟 When arranging or aligning multiple selected objects inside an area, or with some objects outside of the area, the objects either did not move or were absorbed by the area.

🕷 Previously, only the image on the templates card was clickable.