2022 Control The Room Summit Call for Speakers 🗣🎤 Voltage Control

Now's your chance to present at our main event of the year, Voltage Control's #ControlTheRoom 3-Day Facilitation Summit this January 2022! The call for presentations is open and accepting new ideas now through November 23rd. If you have a unique approach to facilitation, collaboration, improving meetings, or helping humans work better together, we want to hear from you! 

Our 2022 theme is Shifts–how we as facilitators can help organizations and teams smoothly navigate through continuous growth, change, and transformation, in any capacity. From the tiny moment-to-moment shifts that are required of us to adapt to circumstances in a meeting or workshop, to large shifts like adjusting to hybridity, we must be equipped with agile techniques to stay on our toes and lead with eloquence. Interested? Submit your presentation here: https://links.voltagecontrol.com/CTRSummit2022 Contribute as a keynote speaker and be apart of Voltage Control's biggest event of the year!