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Hi Everyone,

I am excited to join this community.

  1. In one action, I want to be able to make all the sticky notes I grouped to be the same size, in one move (maybe even as you have in the toolbar the option to aline - you might have there the ability to decide on a specific size for all) 
  2. It helps me create a better design when the notes are together in a straight line and are all the same size. The eye can capture it as a coherent shape. 
  3. It can help make the boards more visually organized where the grouping of the notes is not only by but also by size. 

(It's like when you create a graphic design, you try to have consistency in the design as it creates a more coherent look) The ability to control the sizes helps when you aline them in a row, and the sticky notes are also the same size; no one sticky note Is popping out of the line. 

Anyone can use the element to organize the board in groups of sticky notes. The eye will automatically perceive it as a rectangle or a square without the need for an outer line, which gives everyone more flexibility in the design. 

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    I think this is already possible: Select all of the sticky notes that you would like to change in size (hold left-mouse button + Shift-key and drag a selection around them or click one-by-one with CTRL key pressed) and then resize as you like all of them at once.

    If they have different sizes when you select them, click on the "default size" button in the toolbar that appears after selecting the sticky notes and reset all of them to default size first.

    Does this help you?