Serious layering issues

tormodg MCN
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I am trying to figure out why notes disappear when dragged.

The very basic layering in Mural is difficult to control. I spend a lot of time trying to make my spaces clean and intuitive. I make the backgrounds, areas and figures, and lock everything in place.

I then place the stickies and bring them all forward.

Yet notes that are copied or dragged simply disappear into the background.

Last night I spent three hours completely reworking a mural to fix it, but it still happens in the workshop today.

What can I do to ensure this does not happen?

In the example below, two grey and one blue stickies have disappeared, while others don't. It seems to be random and is very frustrating for me and my participants.

Is there anwhere I can read more about layers in Mural?

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  • Christina
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    @tormodg This happens to me sometimes too, so I completely empathize. has a video of @Benji 's Burger Theory which is helpful. The key is clicking the Bring to Front or Bring to Back option on anything before moving it anywhere, and to try the approach from different angles. Definitely something to tell the Tech team about, whom you can reach within the mural by tapping the ? in the top right of your screen and selecting Chat with Customer Support. My experience is that the response is very fast and very helpful.


  • tormodg
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    Thank you @Christina, that was a useful video. This issue has not been a huge deal in the 18 months we've been using Mural, but for the last few weeks I have struggled with it so either I am getting more advanced 😁 or there is something going on under the hood that messes up my murals.

  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭

    @tormodg Definitely worth having "the mechanics" at Mural take a look at that via the Chat w. Cust. Sup. so they can dive right in to a sample mural and address what you are experiencing within it; you may have a bug in there somewhere. That layering can be devilish when there are more than 2 layers involved. I am rooting for you that it is worked out quickly!

  • I have had a similar problem. When trying to move a sticky note with the mouse, it jumps to a far away location somewhere else on the mural. It seems to disappear, but it actually just moved somewhere random. If I first move the note using the arrow keys, I can then move it with the mouse as usual. This is very frustrating. I had a 2-day workshop with lots of very unhappy people because Mural was so hard to use.

  • Brad had the same issue with objects jumping. Made no sense at all.

  • I initially thought this was intentional for speedy removal by dragging without selecting first. I used to ctrl-z to fix it but didn't realize it might have jumped completely elsewhere....