Can I change the canvas size of a Template

Hi folks

I created a Template and used it to create multiple Mural boards. I now want to change the canvas size of the template as we're improving it for subsequent iterations.

I have read several posts on how to resize Mural canvases (select from predefined sizes or drag the bottom/right of the canvas) but nothing seems to work for a pre-existing Template.

Is my only option to create a new Mural, publish that as a template and circulate the new template link? I'd hoped to be able to preserve existing links to the current Template that people have stored...

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  • PedroD
    PedroD Mural Team mod
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    Hi there, thank you for reaching out!

    If you created the template then you'll be able to edit its content, but you won't be able to change the size of the template itself; the solution, as you mentioned, would be creating a new mural with the proper size you're looking for and then uploading it as a template again :)

    Let us know if anything else comes up, or you can reach out to us at [email protected]

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  • Thanks Pedro - a bit disappointing but thanks for confirming my assumption.

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Yes, I would definitely embrace being able to change the size afterwards because sometimes templates evolve and need more or less space. Lots of white space does not look good and too less space is a big issue. But creating a new mural and publishing it to replace the old has its downsides, too. We sometimes share the links to the templates and if we'd replace them by new murals, the links/URLs would not work anymore. This would create confusion for the users and therefore I would really love to see this request by @michthom come true.

  • @manuel, @michthom this is a great feature Idea. If it's something you'd like to see, please consider posting an idea for other MURAL Community members to vote on! Thanks!

  • Consider it done, @Amanda - I didn't realise that was an option, but will raise one now.

  • Feature idea now posted under this link, please vote @manuel and hopefully others might also agree?

  • Wonderful! Thank you so much for posting. I can see this getting quite a number of votes. 💡

  • Hi, thanks for your sharing knowledge.

    In my case, I've pulled out a calendar template. I just spent 20 minutes (far too long) trying to figure out how to scale it so it fits within the space I'm creating.

    It is currently not possible to resize a template to fit within the overall space we are creating? Am I reading that correctly?