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Hi there, I use Mural for education purposes and I'd like to suggest if possible to have a new Private Mode feature where everything is private for the members or guests but not for the facilitator.

I have students submit online work in Mural and if I do private mode, I can't check their work as they submit it, but I have to wait until private Mode ends so I can then start making corrections.

I'd like for their work to be invisible to the rest of people, so they do not copy it, but visible to me as a facilitator so I can correct their work as I receive it.

It would be very useful as in this case I'm not interested in the work being anonymous, but just not having people copy other students' work.


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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    I understand the use-case and would agree that there are probably several other use-cases for this feature, too

  • Karin
    edited April 2022

    YES!!!! This was why I chose MURAL (over Miro) and 5 minutes ago as I was testing my mural I've just discovered that it doesn't work this way and I do not know what I'm going to do. It never occurred to me for a second that the facilitator wouldn't be able to see what visitors/guests added until Private Mode ended. I cannot see anywhere in the documentation/help articles that says anything except that the participants cannot see content. Nothing about the facilitator also being blind.

    I do mostly asynchronous engagement with participants and it's important that they aren't influenced by others' contributions. But I need to see what people are writing so I can comment and acknowledge their efforts soon after they write things. After a period of time I want everyone to see what has been written so there can be iterative discussion. I may or may not want the participants to know each other's identities - but I always want to know.

    I'm really at a loss - this may change the medium I engage with people for my project... that starts in a couple of days. I feel like I've wasted dozens of hours learning and planning my content around MURAL. I'm back at the beginning and now under an immense time crunch.

    Stunned. Not in a good way. 😱