Template Tuesday - Build a theme for your retrospective!

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For success we need to be able to look back in order to step forward. That is why delivering retrospectives is so important... but nobody wants to see the same retro every time! Variety is the spice of life after all. Building your own theme for retrospectives can help engage the team that you know best. What do you feel like- adventure time, winter wonderland or tropical island!

Here are some tips to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Pick a theme. If you are looking for options, use the theme generator to pick your theme! The theme will be the basis of your activities.
  2. Then you can start thinking about colors... what colors do you associate with this theme? Pick them and use two or three to echo your theme in your design.
  3. Find a retrospective template and add icons, images and change the colors to align with your theme!!
  4. One you have your colors and theme, pick and tailor activities based on the theme. When thinking about tailoring an activity to your theme, it's helpful to pick a type of activity, and then think about modifying the instructions to match your theme.

Do you also already customize your own retrospectives? Will you show us!! Post below 😇 We love this Black Sea restrospective!