Call for accessible Mural templates

Dear Mural Community,

My organization seeks to make all aspects of our digital work and collaboration accessible. We want to select a platform that conforms to our beliefs that everyone on the team should be able to participate.

As a user of Mural I am looking for templates or hacks that will allow us to share boards and collaborate with colleagues and design partners who need keyboard readers and other assistive technology.

Can you please help me with your recommendations and board strategies?

Thank you,



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    edited November 2021

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your questions. You can learn more about accessibility best practices for MURAL facilitators here.

    RE keyboard reader. Accessibility enhancements are in the works! Check back for updates as we continue to improve our product.


  • I would add to this that it's important to ask the people who you are building the mural for what they need. I struggle at times with white text on dark colors. The smaller the text is the more I am using "x" to magnify the sticky.

    Super distinct colors and rich colors can be a great way to support some people, and not others. I find the flexibility in MURAL helpful for this. If people need to change colors, they can.