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Once the image (jpeg or any other types) were placed inside the Mural, I cannot copy that particular image out for editing e.g. 'resolution' size editing.

Solution 1: allow image inside Mural to be “copy-able” to the outside environment e.g. to 3rd party image editor

Solution 2: Built in a feature inside Mural that allow you to edit the image 'resolution' size


This is a means to control the overall file size when exporting a single mural page to PDF when some of our file structure has placed file size limit. e.g. outlook = 20mb limit or One Note = 50mb

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    So would a feature in MURAL to compress images on exporting help you?

  • IF that is possible?

    The end goals is to export these files for email (20mb) or one note (50mb) without loosing "text" information e.g. description for each images I've written into Mural, which ideally export as PDF (searchable text) but at the meantime auto "compress" or "size down" all the images into "smaller DPI resolution" when exporting seem like a potential solution.

    Note: Some images I've imported are animated GIF, PNG & JPEG, So I'm not certain how you say "compress" when JPEG is already compressed.


    Alternatively a more fundamental function I needed is to allow images in Mural to be copied out (CRT + C) into say Photoshop or paint.net for further editing, currently it cant be done (before re-import that image back into Mural).

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    When you export to PDF there is always a lo-res version which is usually very high quality. Those are still too large now, right?

    Regarding your second request: Isn't it possible to right-click on those images to download them via context menu? If not or if you want to do this for all at once, export as "Zip" file (Share -> Export) which should contain many of the images (for some this does not work for whatever reasons). Does that help?

  • PDF came in at 100mb+ (smaller mural that I have). Also, right click incontext menu wont help because it doesn't tell me the file size until after download, tricky when I have 280+ images on a single mural.

    The "export to Zip" function differently than expected, but works the way how I needed to solve this particular problem.