Finding the Most Appropriate Template

If you already have this - please tell me where or how to find....

I wish there were a list of templates by number and you had a searchable index that led with

"If you want to...."

for examples, ... train new mural users. (Take a look at Template # x, y and z)

... orient a team to a project.(You may like Template q, r, s )

...creating a mission statement

...set goals

...solve a problem

etc. (i could list 50 off the top of my head and I bet others could too)

SIMPLE phrases, lots of template options

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  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭

    Brilliant idea @LyndaBaker - I have had the experience more than once of coming across a great Mural template and then never being able to find it again because I cannot remember the exact name. There is a very helpful set of choices when you go into Create Mural and then Browse by Category, but your concept would be a very welcome addition as we don't always think about what we're doing in the terms provided.

  • ryannee
    ryannee Mural Team mod

    Thank you @LyndaBaker and @Christina!

    I'm on the team at MURAL that works on template browsing and searching experiences, so this is great feedback. In particular, the idea that “we don't always think about what we're doing in the terms provided” rings true to my ears. One of our goals is to connect our template library with the goals you have in mind, and the words you personally use to express those goals. That's easier said than done, but rest assured that we're working on it!

  • happy to help

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