New Image Search Features?

Do my eyes deceive me, @Sasha, @Amanda or has Mural just added Creative Cloud, Giphy, and, oh be still my beating heart, Unsplash to your Images Search feature? Were these always there and I just didn't see them?

If it's new, another angel just got its wings - this just sliced off another layer of effort for me as I often go to for my images and ask my students to do the same. They are fantastic quality, and useful in introducing the concept of intellectual property, copyright, permissions, etc.

Having suggested including Unsplash to Mural as a provider that allows free legal use of all its images for just about every situation and then seeing it there is so cool. But when did it happen? I can't believe I didn't notice it before - or is this a freshly minted feature?

@manuel We have talked about the wonders of Drawkit and icons8 illustrations before; Unsplash is just phenomenal for photos. So happy to see it here!