💡Feature Idea: Allow further font size increase in sticky notes

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The font in sticky notes is tiny and there is no way to increase it more than a point or so.

This is not only bad for accessibility, but makes it very hard to copy & paste Mural boards into other documents (Google Docs, Word, etc).

It would be ideal to let the user decide how big they want the font to be, even if words end up wrapped.

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  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭

    I agree with @pfn that it would be great if the sticky notes could grow with the font size like the title boxes do. I often transfer an image of a mural into a PPT or Word and the sticky note content is never visible, even at the largest current possible font. They are definitely a fan favorite so it would be helpful across the user journey if they could be made a bit bigger.

  • sac
    edited July 2022

    I'm simply leaving a comment to bump the importance of what @pfn and @Christina suggest here. Auto-sizing of stickies to fonts and vice versa seems like a very doable adjustment in functionality.

    Another big issue we're coming across on my team is the ability to select all and resize the entire spread while maintaining relative and respective spacing and sizing. As our projects broaden and evolve to be more complex (because we love Mural and use it for all our projects now) we find it extremely tedious and time consuming to unlock all components and resize them individually, then adjust all placement and relock all components. Most of our boards contain hundreds of individual components so the struggle is real.

    Thanks for a great platform, Mural!

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    A mural's size is by default 5 metres x 3.4 metres. That's huge. I suppose that's why stickies are small.

    How about exporting to PNG or using screenshots what you'd like to use somewhere else instead of copy & pasting?

    I usually zoom to fit my needs and use screenshots when I simply need to export things to PowerPoint for example. Would that help you, too?

  • Thanks for the suggestion, @manuel. It happens that many of our stickies are active and shared workspace that sometimes need ongoing alteration... like just today we altered maybe 15 stickies in one workgroup as our ideas for that project evolved. Now that we're using the infinite canvas in all of our projects it will be far less of an issue! The particular project where we encountered the desire for a resizing functionality began prior to our discovery of the infinite canvas.