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Hi, as a workspace admin I need to be able to appoint new people to be room admin for rooms I'm not currently in.

This is because people often create a room and only assign one admin. When that admin wins the lottery and doesn't show up Monday morning, we struggle to manage the content.

As rooms are created regularly by a large community of people, I can't just ask to be made room admin of every room that is created.

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    So do I get your request right: e.g. company admins in MURAL should be able to access all of the rooms?

  • Yes, that's right Manuel. Maybe there's something to think about around privacy - maybe company admins can manage room members but can't see the contents of private rooms unless they've been invited. Not a concern for me, but may be for some companies. Thanks for replying.

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    You're welcome and thanks for the discussion. Maybe it would be a solution to have something like this: When a mural user accounts is deleted by a company admin in MURAL, they can decide to whom the rooms of that user are re-assigned to or if they should be deleted.

    I actually think, this is in place already regarding murals when a user is deleted from a workspace. Maybe this just needs some options more?

  • Thanks Manuel. That would cover part of the use-case and is useful. Correct - when I delete someone's account I can take ownership of their rooms or assign to someone else.

    However if someone is on holiday I wouldn't want to delete their account.

    Also: maybe a health-check warning "This room has only one admin, we recommend having at least two admins so your room can keep functioning"


  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Thank you for explaining - I didn't think of holidays/vacation. You're right.

    I like the idea of a message box that warns if a room is created with only one admin and shared with others. I would just pop it up if a room is shared with others because my private rooms for myself are just fine with just me in there ;-)

  • I signed up to the Community to request exactly this feature.

    I am Workspace Admin and in my WS I have many Private / Public rooms that have been created by my colleagues. Even if I am Admin, I cannot manage permissions and settings of those rooms. I need to ask every time my colleagues to make me Room Admin and only after I can manage the room.

    This is of course a problematic limitation for the reasons AndyT for explaining. I would also add this scenario: as an Admin I want to keep rooms and folders organized. Take this case: someone in the company created a room that should have been a folder inside a second room instead. As an Admin I should immediately be able to rearrange / move rooms and folders, without asking someone else to do it.

    I think the message box that warns if a room is created with only one admin does NOT solve the problem because if does not automatically assign Admins to rooms. So two things can happen: 1) the room creator ignores the warning 2) if I promote a user to be Admin, she still has to ask every single room creator to be added as a new room owner.

    That said, I think the only solution would be to automatically add Workspace Admins to each public room as a Room Admin, for new and old rooms. I would keep the current behavior for private rooms, as they are private.

    I don't perceive this as a complex solution, do you think you can put it in your pipeline and release it by the end of the year? Thanks :)

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Hm would it solve the problems if company admins could easily manage the authorizations for each room?

    They would not have access to the contents and murals, just to the manage authorizations, right?

  • Hi Manuel, yes, that would solve the problem. Thanks.