💡Feature Idea: Include 3D images as well as stretchable arrows, icons, pictures, etc.

Christina ✭✭✭✭
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  1. I went into Microsoft Word and saw that not only do they have pictograms, which as we have mentioned before are similar to the icons function but stretchable in every direction, which is a feature I would love to see in Mural too, but also a vast library of 3D model options you can turn around in any direction as well, i.e. a fully-formed shark that can not only be stretched but flipped over to show belly or back, etc.
  2. Honestly, this is the feature I never knew I needed until I saw it and was amazed. It would add so much to the Mural experience to have it in here too, especially given that it is a visually-oriented product more than text-based Word.
  3. This would help anyone wanting to aim images to "look" or go in a certain direction. For example, I am helping a friend build a template called a Family Board for online therapy where part of the in-person experience is that clients move the family-member representing pieces around to show their dynamic with each other. Who is facing towards or away from another is the main thing to establish. Having this 3D function would make this and probably many other therapeutic exercises possible in Mural. I have a workaround but this would be huge.
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