Template Release-36 LUMA templates are now in the Template library!!

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Are you and your team looking for a catalogue of thinking methods to transform your ways of working?

Look no further! We are very excited to announce the release of 36 LUMA templates. Over the last few months, MURAL partnered with playmaker, the LUMA Institute to bring you templates based on their design methods.

The LUMA System offers a framework of human-centered design methods that equips people to be more innovative in their daily work. LUMA leverages 36 human-centered design methods, organized into three fundamental design skills.

  1. Looking: Methods for observing human experience 👁
  2. Understanding: Methods for analyzing challenges and opportunities 💭
  3. Making: Methods for envisioning future possibilities ✋

Now, MURAL members can access each of the 36 LUMA design methods in our template library. We have some favorites!

Here is one from each category that we recommend!

What are your picks? Want to find them in the template library? Go to https://www.mural.co/templates, in the search bar, type LUMA, and you all 36 design methods just waiting to empower your teams.