💡Feature Idea: ✂️ List view (long mural names are cut off)

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This is a so-basic-feature I cannot explain myself why is not live yet.

Murals in rooms/folders are showed in a grid, that has the critical inconvenience that long mural names are cut off. There is a (i) icon close to the name, if you click it additional information appears but... the full mural name is not there! The only way to see it if to hover the title.

Now, I have mural names that follow this standard naming: "Client - Project - Activity - Session - Date". This is done so that it's easy to use the search feature. These are two example names:

"Dos Design - Website Redesign - Envisioning - Kickoff session - 10.11.2021"

"Dos Design - Website Redesign - Design - Prototype Review - 17.11.2021"

what I see in the grid is:

"Dos Design - Website Re..."

"Dos Design - Website Re..."

Now, image you have 50 murals in a folder and you want to quickly search for one...

All this would be solved if there was list view with list item that would allow the full name to be visible. Thanks,

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  • Please add this feature! Grid view loses critical information from the titles and forces a lot of visual noise that I don't need when I am searching or sorting through boards.

    Also, how about using absolute dates instead of relative dates for "Created" and "Modified"? Knowing that a Mural was last modified four months ago is less useful than knowing that we last worked in it on August 26th, for example.

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    I would appreciate a List View, too

  • I second (or third?) Gianluca and Pearlishka. They already said it pretty well. Please add this feature!

  • Adding support for this really basic feature. Should be out of the box.

  • I support this functionality.