💡Feature Idea: Folders should have their own permissions

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Great to have folders! That allowed me to reduce the list of rooms in the left side menu (I had 100+ rooms) and to make it easier to navigate the content and find the right mural, especially because:

  • room titles should be short (otherwise they are cut off)
  • there is no other view to navigate rooms and this is a problem with a LOT of rooms
  • I could better organize my rooms and murals

In particular, I could use Rooms to identifies clients and Folders to identifies projects & activities.

However, I have the problem that once I add a person to a room, she has visibility to ALL folders. This has two impact:

  • I don't want a person to see murals of projects they are not related to.
  • It could be difficult for a person to access the room and navigate the right folders up to the mural they should contribute to; sometimes they need to be guided and told which folder-path to follow.

It would be great to specify permission for each folder OR to assign restrictions to folders inside a room (as Confluence does for pages, for example)


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  • I'm using Mural for our Agile Release Train. We have one room for the ART with folders for each product team. Only product team members should have access to the product team folders. So, I like the idea of managing permissions on folder level. 😊