💡Feature Idea: Browser-based MURAL for Tablets and Smartphones

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What I want to be able to do: A feature that allows people to use MURAL without having to download the app on their iPad or tablet device.

Problem I am trying to solve: I share visitor links with workshop participants (non-MURAL members/guests) during my workshop so that multiple groups of people can collaborate at the same time. The Visitor Links currently do not work with people who only have a smartphone or a tablet computer. This is especially so for the Andriod. It’s frustrating to have to explain to clients why MURAL can’t work on iPad without the app, while it’s possible for miro.

Why it helps everyone (or many people): We will be able to bring more communities on board a digital workshop! Not everyone has a desktop/laptop computer, and the main computer that people always use is a tablet computer or a smartphone.

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  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭

    @ckaien Yes! Making the user experience and functionality consistent across devices (laptop/tablet/smart phone) is crucial.

    Those of us running a Mural-based activity often have no control over which one our audience is using. Downloading an app is annoying and may take up space they don't have anyway.

    The easier it is for anyone with Internet access to use Mural, especially one-time visitors, the better for everyone.

  • @Christina I totally agree! I have found it very challenging when running training classes with participants. My workaround was to share my screen, but that takes away ownership of the activities from the participants - not a good digital experience at all..

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Absolutely agree to this request because only people with a MURAL-license on their own will be able to use the app. We work a lot with "visitors" in MURAL. Would be great to use a Safari or Chrome on iPads. Have to try again, maybe it already works with Chrome?

  • We also use Mural for lectures at university. In times of hybrid lectures it could be a great tool to include every participant properly in the sessions. BUT for us it would be very necessary to make sure that the visitors (students) do not have to download the app first when trying to access the mural board - we cannot force them to download an app for participation. But on the other hand we rely on their active stake in the lessons. At this moment we cannot include Mural Boards anymore, because we just cannot force them to download the app, but most of them find it annoying and as a consequence do not take the lecture.

    --> Please change this!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 2022

    @Carlotta Mural is an integral part of my university courses, and a phenomenal tool. You can avoid the problem you mentioned above if you have under 100 total students by creating 2 rooms for each class in your free Mural educator account. One room is where you keep the templates for that course and the second is what I call the WG, or Wohngemeinschaft in German - the "apartment" where you all live together for that class. You duplicate the template for that day in just in time so students always only see the one they are going to work on (and any they have previously worked on, so they can add to those any time too). Share the WG room with them at the beginning of the semester. I have not heard of anyone needing to use the app yet to do this as of this fall, but perhaps I have just been lucky lately. If Mural has not made it possible yet for every user to get in this way, it definitely should. Ease of use and avoiding use of device space is really key.