💡Feature Idea: Fix Layering in Outline Hide/Show

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Being able to hide areas in your outline until you are ready for users to view them is a great feature. BUT when an area is hidden, any other objects on the board "hide" behind it. So if someone creates a sticky, for example, and drags it on the board, it will "disappear" behind the area that is still hidden via the outline.

In my session, this was extremely confusing to participants. Then, when I revealed a new area for the next activity, it was covered with all those sticky notes that people had dragged and lost sight of!

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Sometimes it helped me to move the areas that were going to be hidden, intentionally to the background. This way stickies etc. are mostly created on top of them. I see your point and this is just a workaround that maybe works in many cases for you, too.

  • Agree hidden areas hide elements even if they are sent to background, so wish hidden area did not block entire board.