💡Feature Idea: Private Mode Enhancement

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  1. Make color changes to existing post-its a hidden activity in private mode.
  2. I want a group of people to rate a series topics H, M, L by changing the colors of the topic in their swim-lane. I want this done in private mode so that when it's revealed you can see the color patterns and variances with how people ranked a particular topic.
  3. This would help nearly anyone trying to do any sort of assessment with a stakeholder group to help prioritize topics/initiatives/risks/etc. It would act as a visual representation of what topics matter.
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  • imagine having stakeholders rate items( topics/risks/initiatives/etcc.) using a color scale, but done in private mode so they aren't biased by how their peers/colleagues are evaluating them. Right now private mode doesn't support color changes on post-its - you can see this activity.