💡Feature Idea: Make Mural (also icon search) accessible in more languages

Christina ✭✭✭✭
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@ButchSommers @stevedunx @nathanlucy Some key accessibility aspects have come up already. The elephant in the room for me is the huge untapped market of non-English-first speakers in the world. By this I not only mean the people that don't speak English, but those that do as a non-native language.

Many have a strong preference for whatever company offers their product in their own language. I know I do! There are so many Turkish speakers in Germany, for example, that would gravitate toward Mural if they could use it in Turkish. It just makes it easier to concentrate on the content itself if one doesn't have to struggle with what the words mean in the menu bars.

The problem I am trying to solve specifically is that the Search image function works in German, for example, but the Icons search 🔎 only seems to work in English. This makes the icons search effectively inaccessible for non-English or even non-fluent speakers. Teams with members around the globe would also benefit: each group could input search items in their own words and get icons anyone can "read" throughout the world.

Obviously, language choice in the first port of call, the main website, would encourage a lot more people to take the first step of the journey.

Showing the non-English-first world that Mural "sees" them would build tons of goodwill and increase comfort levels. With that would likely come increased usage from a lot of current non-users.

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  • I totally agree with Cristina! I work with small business owners in Brazil and most of them do not understand English. It would be great to have MURAL in Portughese.



  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Good to see additional feedback on this one- thank you @cristoli, for sharing.

    I will pass this back to product!

  • For my clients in the Netherlands it also is helpfull when the dutch langzame is available.

  • I agree, we woul love to have German language settings!