💡Feature Idea: Clearly show connector overlaps/jumps/hops

As a user I want overlapping connector lines to be clearly distinguished so there's no confusion when tracing connections in a complicated workflow. Right now there is a (small) risk that overlapping lines get confused and I might mix up the path from point A to point B (and end up at point C instead).

Something like this:

Seems like it would significantly reduce questions or confusion when collaborating on a workflow. I do have cases where I need a branch, and quickly seeing if something is a branch (leading to multiple targets) or an overlap/hop would reduce the time-to-read the diagram.

This example is a touch extreme, but shows the issue I have with the current setup in Mural.

Not sure if I've missed something, but searching the help site, community, and just general search engine results didn't seem to touch on this.

Thank you.

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    I suppose, a workaround with different colours for the connections or a different line type (dotted e.g.) wouldn't solve your request?

  • @manuel - I have been doing that for the time being, and it works for the most part. In some complex diagrams there are cases where even those lines cross.

    Ideally a "connector" can be smart enough to know when it's crossing another line and show that in a simple fashion without user input.