✨Reflect 2021✨ - What is the best holiday template you ever facilitated for your team?

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It's that time of year again, either you're getting ready to go swimming, have a barbecue (heyo Southern Hemisphere!), or have an intimate ugly sweater gathering with hot cocoa. Each part of the world celebrates this time of year differently, and each team does too.

Many of us still can’t celebrate in person and some of us have always lived the remote life,  but this year we can make it special using a little creativity — and MURAL.

So, how will you celebrate? Share your best holiday template below and a story of the joy that template brought to your team. Do both and we will send you a small gift in return!

Much affection this holiday season, from our team to yours.

This post was part of Reflect 2021. Join us for the virtual event on December 9, where we’ll look back at how teams (like yours) kept innovating in the ever-changing landscape of work — and prepare to move forward into another exciting year of collaboration. As we close out 2021, join our team on December 9th to think about the year and get ready to kick off 2022 with a bang. Register for the event, and chat Plus, share, discuss, and connect in the MURAL Community on posts that say ✨Reflect 2021✨. We will be sending small gifts for members who join in and add to the discussion.


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    Last year, our team hosted a Secret Santa. It was pretty easy to set up. We gathered our team in a mural members created by @Meagan to assign Secret Santas, vote on a price point, and write out our wish lists. We then decided on a day to have our gifts shipped by, and have an unwrapping party with the team. Everyone unveiled their gifts together and we had to guess who our Secret Santa was. It was so fun, and better than some in person Secret Santa's I've participated in!

    We did find out that we put one of our teammates down twice (oops!!) and another teammate didn't get a gift 🤦‍♀️ . @Gino forgave us I'm sure 🤞

    Here is the template we used. Check out the outline for pre-Secret Santa planning and facilitation instructions. 🎅 🎁 🤶

  • lailavon
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    At MURAL, we're intentional about building out team culture. Last year, we had two moments that mattered during world events and the holidays which we dedicated special attention to.

    First, I facilitated a session to gather people's wishes for the following year. The exercise was simple: we had everyone place a wish for the what they would do once the pandemic is over. People shared their desires like "visit my family", "hug people", "see friends", or "go to dance parties." It was a moment of shared reflection, and it drew us together. I modified this exercise to capture everyone's wishes for the new year. Next year, it would be fun to revisit and see how many wishes came true.

    On a lighter note and in the gift giving tradition, MURAL sent everyone a box with a surprise inside. They were not to open them until a specific day and time. At our holiday gathering, we played a game to guess what was in the box. Our team was very inventive in coming up with guesses, and it was a fun way of building excitement and opening a gift together.

  • Christina
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    @R_Wood_123 These ideas are brilliant - I am def trying the sweater one tomorrow! Will let you know how it goes 😂.

  • manuel
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    @R_Wood_123 How did you create the sweaters? Are they drawn inside of the mural with MURAL's drawing tools or are they imported images?

    I'm asking because I've noticed that I can change their color and I just figured out how it works for things that were drawn in MURAL (or if they're icons). I would like to be able to import vector graphics into MURAL, because sometimes I can easier design something with a vector graphics software. But I haven't been able to change their color yet.

  • Hi @manuel great to hear from you! Great questions ... welcome to the secret circle 😎😎😎😎

    The sweaters are from the icon search in the left bar , you can type in sweater and there are a variety on there. THEN you can click on the sweater when its in the mural to make it a groovy color and not just black :p

    Wow would love to see what you are exploring with vectors! Using svg files is also cool as the quality doesnt go down and they are completely scalable :D

  • manuel
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    I've tested the sweaters in an internal workshop with 20+ people and they loved it.

    Oh wow, that simple. They're icons? Cool, I didn't expect that :-) THANK YOU for sharing!

    Yes, will try to play around with vector images and let's see what requests from me might come up in the feature forum soon ;-))

    Have a nice weekend!

  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭

    OK, better late than never! Better also not to discuss how much time I spent collecting these beauties, all from Unsplash.

    The point is, I wanted to create an advent calendar with gifts of clues to final exam topics behind each door, all in the form of a Mad Libs riddle.

    I had the text hidden at first with that nifty function in the Outline, and they used Send to back to reveal the stickies behind each photo door. They dragged them to the numbers and put in their ideas, i.e. "oil" on the sticky for liquid or "magnificent" on the one asking for an adjective. When the text was revealed they were so surprised - no history of Mad Libs in Germany apparently, so I am pleased as punch to have imported a beloved childhood game.

    Just did it and had a ton of fun. I hope you can adapt it to your needs and have a good laugh too. Happy holidays!

  • Christina
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    https://app.mural.co/template/b99cea5b-6433-4d1c-8465-6ea2736c6581/0ecba69d-a3d9-46b8-97f0-0d3592794e1b Here is a brigher version with a different background that I designed for another course, also with 100% Unsplash images and slight modifications, again with a Mad Libs-style Dear Santa text with clues to class concepts that will be on the final exam that can be hidden. Kind of late for 2021 but maybe worth saving for next year!

    Speaking of, THANK YOU to all the wonderful people here for making 2021 the🎇Year of MURALfor me! It truly made my classes SO much better, online and in person, and I am so grateful 💟for all the support this amazing team provided me, even though I just have a free educator account. @Ward , @EmmaS , @Amanda , @hailey I am looking at you!!!💗💙💚🧡

    NO other company in the world provides this level of assistance, inspiration and just all around awesomeness when it comes to navigating 🎡 the scary new waters 🗺️of online teaching🖥️. It is deeply appreciated.

    Happy holidays to all!