Stolen Retro Educator Template

Christina ✭✭✭✭
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Congratulations @valerioalba for winning the Template Contest! Your idea of filling a room was awesome, and I confess that I ran with it and remixed my Educator Retro template to include it in this way, along with the moving cats I love from (you see @manuel, I throw them in everywhere!).

The affinity blobs are owed to @Gino's Wonderful Wednesdays idea🤩.

Thank you for the inspiration - We have been talking a lot about WFA/Work From Anywhere trends this semester so I can't wait to see what my students do. Would love any feedback and tips. Enjoy!


  • Gino
    Gino Mural Alum ✭✭✭

    Love it so much! Happy to see Wonderful Wednesdays coming to life!