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We create a lot of MURAL boards for trainings and meetings. Part of the content of a board we super lock (it is the background landscape). Parts of the content is moveable for us as hosts, and everyone who enters. They need to move visual elements around.

The problem we face is that our users are can copy our moveable items into their own boards and use it in their teams. We consider this our IP, and would like to protect it from being copied.

In MIRO they have made a feature, where you are prevented from copying and item. A message appears when you try to copy / paste.

It would be great with such a feature also in MURAL.

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Hm, that's an interesting request. I am not sure if MURAL's point of view wouldn't be a more optimistic let's share things and see how they grow approach than control and copyrighting. But from a corporate point of view I can understand your request very well. What's the worst thing for you that could happen if someone copied & pasted stuff or took screenshots of that and rebuilt it?