👀👀 Poll - What's your favorite Facilitation Superpower?

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Tell us your superpower.

👀👀 Poll - What's your favorite Facilitation Superpower? 22 votes

JesseericaCarolsantiagorozaYuvalDougJoWilkolorna182Chris_W 9 votes
AshleyB 1 vote
Laser Pointer
lanehofferAmandaJonelleStandpointDavid_SherwinAngelaRicardonicole_geraprendixglobal 9 votes
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fraboSmartsehlhorst 3 votes


  • Smart
    Smart Strategist MCN ✭✭
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    Follow me over summon, as it's less jarring and doesn't break the flow of the participants work. It also

    •  Gives participants a skill to orient at any point in the workshop

    •  Demonstrates a behaviour they can use too.

    Meanwhile, Summon can interrupt people mid-typing or thought, so if needed, I always give them a friendly reminder that It's about to happen, so they're ready.

  • Linds
    Linds Choose One MURAL Alum ✭✭✭

    I love being summoned! @Smart 😅 Great way to make sure I'm not missing anything!

    I am not sure if this counts as a "superpower", but I adore the OUTLINE feature as a Facilitator above all else! ♥️

  • jeroen
    jeroen Other Expert on Demand ✭✭

    I love the outline and summon superpowers as this allows you structure and demand attention from your audience (group). I have to say that the 'secret' mode is rising on my favo-list as this generated such surprising insights from the group.

  • Standpoint
    Standpoint Consultant MCN ✭✭

    Breakout rooms!

  • sehlhorst
    sehlhorst Product Manager MCN ✭
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    +1 for private mode. exactly as @frabo mentioned!

  • Michelle
    Michelle Product Manager Product Owner ✭

    Celebrate and motivate 🎉