💡Feature Idea: Freeze Panes

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Lock a section of the board to the top of the screen and to the left so when you scroll up and down and left and right it is easy to align content (on big boards)

Similar to freeze panes on an excel spreadsheet

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  • I am looking for exactly that!

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Oh sounds interesting. What would you use that frozen area for?

  • I'd like this feature too. I'm looking for it for title row of a table, for example with dates in.

  • We use mural board for visual historical reference as we go forward with future design work. We have seasons and would like to freeze the season reference header at the top of of board and it would be helpful to be able to freeze a column with categories of product as well.

  • On many boards I include a section with "Tips for Using Mural" because many of my workshop participants have infrequent experience with Mural. I would use the feature to make my tips section stay visible. Yes, you can put it in the outline, but first visitors have to know a) that there is an outline and b) how to make it appear and c) how to navigate the board using it. That's what the tips section is for.

  • I definitely need this!

  • Would love this feature. I would use it on swimlane process diagrams to enable you to keep the actors in view when scrolling through more complex process flows

  • Came here to ask exactly this! I'm making a project tracker and i'd love to have the weeks/months or projectnames/numbers stay on the left/top of the screen.

    This would change the planning for my teams for the better.

  • +1

    Also making a project roadmap tracker. And it would be extremely beneficial to be able to pin weeks & months at the top.

    Maybe one of the only downfalls I have had with Mural so far.

  • Similiar ask from me. I'd like split screen capabilities to show two areas of the canvas at once.

    Use cases

    • insight synthesis
    • showing agenda + activities
    • showing concurrent activities
  • I came here looking for the same feature - we do a lot of client roadmapping with a monthly/yearly timeline and initiatives down the left ... and want to scroll both horizontally and vertically while locking the header timeline or left-hand initiatives in place a la Excel

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Do I understand it correctly: You want something like pinning objects to the view, e.g. for task descriptions, challenges or reference images or so?

  • For roadmaps I would like to freeze the timeline or now/next/later lane across the top and individual products delivering features down the left