Why are my old Murals blank? 😭 😱

I saw this help request My mural boards have disappeared, can someone please help?! — MURAL and I was wondering if there was a fix? We created a new room and moved all the murals from the original location to the new room into a new folder. Everything copied perfectly fine, and up until last week, we didn't have any trouble.

3 of our murals are totally blank now. They are all copies of the same Mural, with minor changes/additions and they don't have the same exact names.

We really need these back as the old room is blank and we don't have a way of recovering them from there. The activity log shows only that the mural was created when we moved it into our new room and new folder.

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    Hey @NinaF, I think support will need to look at your account specifically with you. Sending you a DM now. I will try to get you connected quickly.