⚡️⚡️ Quick tip: How to make your templates more accessible

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What do we mean be accessible? And why is it important? It is great to design templates where the content can be understood by people of all different comprehension abilities.

While adding a theme to your templates is a great way to encourage engagement and release your inner child 🕹️, let us also consider how to make the content accessible to everyone. Use this checklist to test your templates for accessibility:

  • Use simple language, aim for 8th-grade level language. You can check it with a readability checker like Grammarly or Automatic Readability checker.
  • Use titles and headers with clear, accurate descriptions.
  • Use areas and the outline when you are building your mural. It helps people find where they are at in the mural, and you can add instructions.
  • Use an accessible sans-serif font for ease of readability.
  • Make sure there's enough contrast between the color of the text and the background.
  • Avoid overloading your murals with images and gifs, while adding visuals can be fun, too many might be overwhelming.

Learn more about how you can make your meetings more accessible in our help center. 💡

Do you have best practice tips you'd like to share for facilitating accessible and inclusive meetings? Share in the comments!


  • I love this. I would add, ask your participants for what accommodations they may need before you modify your templates for accessibility. Some people can see white on dark colors, others can't.

    In general, asking about accessibility as people register is best practice. Nothing feels more welcoming to me than seeing a place for accommodations and having the person I am meeting with arrive with my accommodations ready to go. 🤿