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The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) has been applying design thinking tenets to deliver student-centered teaching in new ways since the pandemic began. With MURAL as our base, we’ve been developing methodologies and testing prototypes to enhance student participation, engagement and learning outcomes, whether classes are all remote, all together or hybrid.

For examples on how your institution can do the same, watch UE students Maraike Grün and Catharina Panzer share their perspectives on 3 templates they co-created.  Their format is short so you can take away some great ideas between classes or during a break.

With the world shifting under our feet, we have so much to learn from each other, and our students. What online collaboration methodologies encourage student success in your courses? Share your stories and inspire others using the “Education takeaways” tag.

Icebreaker: "Class Selfie"

Immersive Design: "What's Next?"

Content Segmenting: "AI-Resistant Skills"


  • @Christina I LOVE this. Your students did an amazing job. I particularly liked the last one. I love how the students collaborated to learn more information faster.

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    @Amanda Thank you for that. I am SO proud of Maraike and Catharina, and my other students as well. I was so nervous getting started, then a friend told me, "Wer nicht bereit ist, etwas auszuprobieren, weil er Angst hat, zu scheitern, ist bereits gescheitert." Whoever is unwilling to try something because they are afraid to fail, has already failed. That stuck.

    Now one of the most rewarding parts of my job is thinking about how I can design classes to maximize co-creation opportunities in ways that foster learning that stays with students long after the semester is finished.

    I love the views and templates @Finnalli has shared here on this too - very inspiring!

  • @Christina Thank you for these amazing videos (and for the shout-out!)! I am wondering how you feel about me sharing these with some colleagues who are considering how to use Mural in their classrooms.

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    @Finnalli YES, share away! They hope to encourage educators around the world to experiment with different ways to actively involve students in their own learning.

    More on the above, as well as an in-depth webinar featuring 20+ students at work, can also be found at

    Also feel free to check out the article it is based on at'_digital_competencies_within_the_Employability_module_of_the_University_of_Europe's_skills-based_curricula.

    Thoughts and questions welcome. I am just getting started with this, have a lot to learn, and love that Mural has built this Community with the express purpose of giving us a forum to share ideas.

    Thank you so much for your kind comments!