Template for Team Interviews

Long time listener, first time caller.

Which templates for team interviews have you found helpful?


  • MSC
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    Answering my own question. The Interviewing by Luma template is easily adaptable. Thanks LUMA! https://app.mural.co/template/f205efdd-0511-400b-a6a0-7ea1b3921fce/24445f46-e720-4ea9-82f1-3ebd9136506e

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    @MSC. Agreed! LUMA is great. Did you see that we just released 36 👀 LUMA templates?

    RE the interviewing template: I like that one. How hard was it to modify that template. Are you thinking you will use different color stickies for different people so everyone knows who's asking what questions? Did you have other modifications? Was it helpful?

    Thanks for coming back and sharing this!

  • We're testing it today. What has been most helpful was the layout. The interview guidance wasn't as useful to us because we have our own approach. The categories we created were - basics (who are you, why did you apply, etc.) technical questions & cultural fit. We do multiple rounds with different teams. Trying to decide how to show that.

  • Great! If you think about it, I know @Emilia, @R_Wood_123 would love to hear an update. I do think team interview might be easier.

    We do multiple rounds with different teams. Trying to decide how to show that.

    Interesting I'd think doing a mural per team per member is probably the best. It would up people's ability to be objective. Once they are all done, you could theme them and place them the overarching themes on a template like this to compare candidates.