💡Feature Idea: hyperlink to another mutal replaces the mural in the current browser.

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I often have MURALS containing a hyperlink to another MURAL. Every time someone clicks on that link, a new browser window appears. Is it possible that the new MURAL can just be opened in the same window as that of the MURAL with the link one clicked on, so the new MURAL replaces the MURAL with the link?

It would be nice if MURAL change


The chain with a + represents the current function, and the chain without the + would mean that the link will be opened in the same window.

This way I can prevent participants from having a whole series of Mural webpages in their browser at a given moment and therefore getting lost.

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    I see your point. In my browser settings (Chrome) a link always opens a new tab.

    Would it help to let your participants know that they can press and hold CTRL on their keyboard to open a link in a new tab / window instead of the existing one when clicking on a link?

  • I want to determine what will happen by the way I have included a link to another MURAL. If this option is possible, I'll make sure that the new MURAL comes with a link to the source MURAL.

    By working with the CTRL key I still put the "burden" on the users of my MURAL. Using a pre-defined MURAL should be as user-friendly as possible.