"You can't see this image because it comes from a private source"

KirstenJacobs MCN
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Hi everyone!

I am making a Mural (Mural A). Within this Mural I share links to other Murals (Mural B & C). My team starts together in Mural A. Later we split up in two groups. One group clicks on Mural B and the other on Mural C.

In Mural A I place the links to Mural B and C. Both Mural B and C are in the same workspace and even in the same room. But Mural B and C appear differently in Mural A. (see screenshot). The link to Mural B shows a picture of Mural B. The link to Mural C shows a blank picture with the text: "You can't see this image because it comes from a private source". The link works, but it doesn't look nice.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help!


  • drewan
    drewan Mural Team mod

    Hello, @KirstenJacobs,

    This could be related to visibility permissions on the Mural. Has visitor access been enabled for Mural C?

  • Hi @drewan, I already know what is going on. When I make a new mural it takes some time to load the 'thumbnail' (Is that how you call it). I have to wait a while before I link one mural to another.