✨Reflect 2021✨ - Team Feast Gathering: Share Your Feast & Connect 🥘

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The Team Feast template is a great way to bring people together and celebrate the holidays and cross-cultural traditions. Looking to use this template in an upcoming session? I'm happy to answer questions and share my advice.

I ran a session showing and describing how to run this activity during Reflect 2021. We'll post the recording for you to view as soon as it's available.

Already use this template with your team? Share any advice and share the mural with us below! Inspiration is always welcome.

This post is part of Reflect 2021. Join us for the virtual event on December 9, where we’ll look back at how teams (like yours) kept innovating in the ever-changing landscape of work — and prepare to move forward into another exciting year of collaboration. As we close out 2021, join our team on December 9th to think about the year and get ready to kick off 2022 with a bang. Register for the event, and chat Plus, share, discuss, and connect in the MURAL Community on posts that say ✨Reflect 2021✨. We will be sending small gifts for members who join in and add to the discussion.