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RA_Denis MCN
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There needs to be a tool/report available to audit user permissions across a workspace and/or for a particular room. Whether a large corporate client, or a boutique consulting practice such as mine, it is necessary to make certain that permissions are accurate and confidentiality is maintained. Having to visit each room or each mural to check on members and their permissions is not an efficient nor effective means.

Let's upvote this! It should not be difficult to implement.

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    I see your point. What would a report like that look like for you to be helpful?

    Is it a PDF list of all murals and rooms with the users listed below in a table with their permissions or what kind of report would be solving your request?

  • Keep it simple, then grow the capability based on further feedback.

    At the workspace level allow us to select 'Manage Room Members' as we can today. Have the current layout be the 'simple' layout. Create a 'detailed' layout where for each Member you show rows beneath the member for the specific rooms and/or murals to which they have permissions. You already permit 'Download as CSV' on that page. So permit either the simple or detailed view to be downloaded to CSV. Design the data you display and the download format based on the table structure of your underlying security schema, to keep it simple for you to implement.

    You can simply create a 'flat' CSV download which has 1 row for each unique user/room/mural with the associated permissions spelled out. A given user would therefore produce 1 to many rows in the CSV, based on what they have access to.