How do I move my murals from one workspace to another?

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I keep trying to move my murals from one work space to another, and I'm not figuring it out. Any body have some tips for me to look at? Thanks!

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  • Ricardo
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    What has worked for me as well if I'm using the same information on the previous mural on another one or several more.. I just put everything in an area, save it as a template and add it to the new murals that I need, on the same workspace or different ones.

    Hope it's helpful for you too! Regards.

    EDIT: I just found a different alternative, instead of making the area a template you can create a template directly from the mural as posted by @PedroD on another discussion:


    When you create a mural you plan to use again and again, it can be made into a template. Once a mural has been published as a template, anyone in your workspace can create a new mural from that template.

    If a user has permissions to publish murals as templates, they’ll be able to publish a template from any mural they have access to. That template will be publicly available to everyone in the workspace.